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Minoan Crete : Malia

  Malia was one of the great Minoan palaces.  Sited on level land on the northern shore it was unusual.  This is  no hilltop power base.  This location, with a backdrop of blue … Continue reading

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Historic Crete : Spinalonga Island

A change of timescale for us today.  A trip by boat across to Spinalonga Island.  This haunting tiny isle is no longer inhabited but it was the last leper colony … Continue reading

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Minoan Crete: Gournia

From Minoan palaces to the Minoan town of Gournia.  The ruins stretch up the hillside, the town’s streets clearly visible as they rise up to the town’s courtyard and palace … Continue reading

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Minoan Crete : Knossos

Here on our archaeological tour of Ancient Crete for Saga, every site is different.   After a morning in Dorian Lato and at the medieval church with its stunning frescoes at … Continue reading

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Ancient Crete – Kritsa

What have Archaeological tours got to offer us?  Ancient stones, more ancient stones and more sites might be the general perception.  But there is so much more than that to … Continue reading

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Moving on from Minoan Phaistos in southern Crete, our tour turned to the mountains.  High in the East of Crete there are the remains of the fortified Dorian town of Lato that … Continue reading

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Its location is superb.  The Minoan palace of Phaistos, high on its plateau, overlooks the greatest plain in mountainous Crete.  Fresh breezes waft across the open courtyards and once ventilated the … Continue reading

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Heading down to the great Minoan palace of Phaistos, we pass the ancient city of Gortyn.  Mentioned by Homer in the Heroic Age of Trojan War times (c.1,200 BC) as … Continue reading

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MINOAN CRETE : Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Here we are, at the start of an Archaeology tour of Crete for Saga.  Our first port of call, after my first lecture, was Heraklion’s Archaeological Museum.  The best collection of Minoan artefacts in the … Continue reading

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