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Living by Design in Ancient Rome – New Course


Join us this coming term as we explore the ancient world in a fresh engaging course, Roman Living by Design: Vitruvian Man in Ancient Rome.
Settle down in the Old Deanery Hotel in Ripon on Wednesday mornings as we take an exciting look at ancient Rome and her Empire. We shall travel from the grand monuments and temples that shaped the Renaissance, to the insalubrious tenement blocks of Rome herself and out to the Wonders of the Ancient World, such as the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus.
Peer into the homes of the real Romans and head further back in time too, to the glories of Ancient Greece.

Let the Roman architect, Vitruvius, writing for the great Emperor Augustus, be our guide as we discover interior design, engineers’ skills and great stories; read about Archimedes’ eureka moment and the stories & myths that shaped Roman life.  Take a virtual walk in Augustan Roman Empire …

Richly illustrated, this insight into design and Roman knowledge and inventions will share the practical and aesthetic aspects of ancient life. Religion, city life, water management, measurement of time, home and gardens, personal aspirations, and even the machines of war are all here.  There’s something for everyone!

This is a great opportunity to discover Ancient Rome first hand – in the texts of Vitruvius and others (in translation and, where the Latin words themselves provide insights, in the original, with full guidance) and in the rich illustrations and ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’s personal knowledge from ancient sites in Rome and around the Empire, such as Pompeii, Pozzuoli, Athens, Sicily, Ephesus …

Ten 2-hour sessions for just £120.
From 11th January 2017  10am to 12 noon Wednesdays.
Friendly, fun and fascinating.
Come and join me and change the way you see the ancient world!
Contact me, Gillian Hovell ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’
07860 637301 to book your place

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