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Travel to the Past this Spring!

Go on, treat yourself!  Come and experience a vibrant dose of the ancient world this Spring!

Escape all the modern news and instead explore what really makes us tick;

  • read Cicero’s philosophical insights into human nature;
  • enjoy the aesthetics of Greek and Roman temples, homes and so much more that influenced the Renaissance;
  • explore Medieval Britain from an archaeologist’s point of view
  • see the English language in a new light as we learn Latin and uncover tales that still colour our world.


 A wonderful selection of 5 courses/times to choose from:

Roman Living by Design – Cicero (2 venues) –  Medieval Britain –  Latin language

 all including Ancient History & its influence on us and our lives today

Book Now:  Gillian Hovell   Tel. 01423 203516   Mob. 07860 637301   Email:

Roman Living by Design : Vitruvian Man in Ancient Rome    

Outline available here latin-vitruvius-spring-2017-outline

Wednesday mornings 10am-12 noon at the Old Deanery in Ripon          

Ten 2-hour sessions from 11th January 2017 

This course looks at how Ancient Rome was built – physically and culturally. Starting with Vitruvius’ de architectura, we explore how Roman life was engineered.

Just what did architects and decorators do in Ancient Rome and how did they do it?

And  how did it influence us?

This richly illustrated course will depict ancient life, art and architecture in a fresh and vital way.

Please join us.     Course fee £120      COURSE OUTLINE – Click here  latin-vitruvius-spring-2017-outline

BOOK NOW:  Gillian Hovell   07860 637301   Or submit form below


Cicero, the Greatest Orator – Meeting the Man

Outline available here:  latin-cicero-spring-2017-course-outline

2 venues/times to choose from:  Mondays 10-12 noon at Christ Church, Harrogate (in the Lounge)  and a parallel course on Mondays 1.15-3.15pm at North Stainley’s Village Hall 

Ten 2-hour sessions from 9th January 2017

 With Robert Harris’ Dictator (the final part of his trilogy on Cicero’s life) and Mary Beard’s SPQR recently published (maybe some of you got them for Christmas!), here’s a chance to find out more about the great Roman orator in his own words.  We look at the many works he wrote, focusing on the philosophical works – On Friendship, On Duties, On Old Age, On Friendship and more, and we encounter a man full of integrity, drive and humour.

When a great ancient orator writes, there’s fun as well as deep truths …

 Course fee £120  (+ £2 hotel charge per session for refreshments if wished)

BOOK NOW:  Gillian Hovell   07860 637301   Or submit form below

COURSE OUTLINE – Click here  latin-cicero-spring-2017-course-outline


Medieval Britain: Exploring our Archaeological Past

Outline available here: medieval-course-ripon-autumn-2017-flier

Wednesday afternoons 2-3.30pm in Ripon at the Old Deanery

Five 1 ½ hour sessions   from 1st February 2017

 As part of the on-going successful series of archaeology and history courses, we dig deeper into medieval history and archaeology.

A richly illustrated exploration of Medieval history, archaeology and sites that take us into the world of the monasteries, kings and castles and everyday life in town and country.

Great Value at Only £45 for the 5 sessions (+ £2 hotel charge per session for refreshments if wished)

COURSE OUTLINE – Click here medieval-course-ripon-autumn-2017-flier

BOOK NOW:  Gillian Hovell   07860 637301   Or submit form below

yorkshire museum tomb cr GH

At Ease with Latin – Latin All Around Us

Outline available here: latin-course-3-rossett-spring-2017-outline

Thursdays 7.15-9.15pm at Rossett School’s Adult Learning Community Dept

Ten 2-hour richly illustrated sessions from 12th January 2017, taking us deeper into Latin, using Latin All Around Us to learn Latin grammar.

Each session studies 1 hour of grammar and then 1 hour using newly found skills to explore an element of ancient history (such as Roman food, philosophy and love poetry).

Friendly, fun and definitely no tests or homework!   Very basic Latin a help, rusty Latinists welcome.

Course fee £120

COURSE OUTLINE – Click here   latin-course-3-rossett-spring-2017-outline

Hoping you can join us for a Spring of Exploration!

Just contact me to find out more details, to book a place or to express an interest in a course

BOOK NOW:  Gillian Hovell   07860 637301   Or submit form below


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