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TOUR GREECE & CRUISE THE AEGEAN with The Muddy Archaeologist in 2018 and get a free talk to a Society/group of your choice.

Ever wanted to travel the greatest sites in Greece and sail around Aegean with your very own friendly, tame archaeologist and ancient historian?

This is your chance – Gillian Hovell, ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’ is lecturing on board the wonderful small ship (max. of 350 passengers), Voyages to Antiquity’s The Aegean Odyssey in October 2018.    Voyages to Antiquity won outright last year’s British Travel Awards Best Specialist Cruise Line.  You can’t do better than that …

But you can add so much more to your holiday; join her in her private group at no extra cost to yourself.  Just ask to join ‘The Muddy Archaeologist Group’ and you’ll get bonus lectures, the Muddy Archaeologist’s company on the site excursions and on board, I shall be your host for the pre-cruise hotel-based tour of sites that everyone should see in their lifetime:

Mycenae, Epidaurus, Athens, Corinth, Delphi … place names that conjure up the ancient past.  You can travel back 3,400 years to walk under the Lion Gate and around the citadel of Mycenae.

Visit the heyday of Classical Greece as you explore the Parthenon on the Acropolis of Athens. Walk in the footsteps of St.Paul in the once bustling metropolitan ancient city of Corinth.

Enjoy the restful and healing atmosphere of Epidaurus, the sanctuary of Aesculapius, the god of healing, and its astonishing ancient Greek theatre and experience its truly fantastic acoustics.

And take the footpath up on the journey through Delphi, site of the most famous oracle in the ancient world.  Kings and statesmen as well as humble folk sought answers here; the theatre carved into the hillside and the racetrack high above were part of the holistic – spirit, mind and body –  experience that was your visit to this most sacred site.  The views, the atmosphere, even the air itself are all inspiring.

And after all that, there is the cruise itself: highlights include the uninhabited and sun-drenched island of Delos, its sanctuary sacred to Apollo.  We travel back 3,500 years to Minoan Crete at Knossos, home of the Minotaur, and the volcanic island of Santorini so that we can walk down the Minoan streets of Akrotiri.

Leisure time in the beauty of islands like Mykonos and Nisyros, and the historic splendour of Rhodes add fresh dimensions to this fantastic cruise.

1 October – 13 October 2018.   Prices from £2,595 per person.  This includes your excursions, all meals, the hotels, the flights … you just can’t get better value.

And there are more single cabins this year … book early to avoid disappointment.

The food’s good, the staff are so friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed and uncrowded.  Enjoy a comfortable lounge, observation lounge, auditorium, fantastically stocked library, swimming pool and deck, shop and choice of two dining rooms (smart and casual) and open air breakfast.  Absolutely no casinos, constant announcements, or raucous deck games – just gentle live music, lectures to enhance your visit and a magnificently run ancient sites excursion programme (which is what you’ve come to see!).

Click here for the Cruise Itinerary – don’t forget to ask AT THE TIME OF BOOKING to join The Muddy Archaeologist Group.  It’essential to ask to join the Group when you make your reservation. You cannot transfer later.

An extension to this cruise is available.  Click here for details of the extended cruise.

Or choose a marvellous cruise to the astonishing, 5,000 year old prehistoric Shetland and Orkney, sail on to the natural wonders of the Faroes islands and then enjoy a magnificent tour of Iceland in August 2018.

SPECIAL OFFER:   If ten or more people book together for any one  cruise, The Muddy Archaeologist will come to YOU, to give a FREE TALK of your choice to a society/church/friends of your choice.  If you already have a talk booked, the fee can be waived.*

Expenses and mileage may still apply.

 CONTACT The Muddy Archaeologist for more details

* Proof of cruise booking required.  In the event of cancellation of cruise booking, a fee (stated in the agreement) for the talk will be charged/payable at the time of cruise booking cancellation.

Conditions apply:  See SPECIAL OFFER Free Talk Aug 2017


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