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Goodnight, Ness of Brodgar

ORKNEY in August
As the archaeologists put the Ness of Brodgar to bed for the season, Orkney has wallowed in sunshine. At least it did yesterday.
This gave us a glorious time at the excavation site and a wonderful chance to see the now familar massive walls, beautiful stonework and paving,

and great views of the Ring of Brodgar and Stones of Stenness.

This year we can add newly discovered buildings that were squidged so close you can’t get between them.

The new glimpse of part of the Great Wall across the Ness is buried again after it had seen the light of day this year for the first time in over 4,000 years.

The upstanding orthostats are safe and sound.

The masses of Neolithic pot and all the other finds of the season will be given plenty of TLC this winter.
But we must wait until next season to find more answers; and, inevitably, more questions too! This is a site that will run and run and run and run. (Funding permitting – it survives thanks to generous donations: see
We are so privileged to be the generation that watches this fantastic ground-breaking discoveries surface from the earth after 5,000 years.
And it was wonderful to see Nick Card and the team again. Thanks to you all!


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