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Where in the Ancient World advent calendar with the Muddy Archaeologist.

Sunday 16th December: Today’s challenge – where is this ancient site ?

Here’s a clue, these images are from several ancient sites on a single island.

If you know the date, all the better!


Yesterday’s destination was Agrigento in Sicily. The Valley of Temples is a glorious World Heritage Site.

Sicily was part of Magna Graecia (‘Greater Greece’) where the Greek culture spread throughout Sicily and Southern Italy as settlements were founded throughout the area from c.740s BC.

The city of Akragas was founded in the 500s BC and expanded in the 400s BC when the Doric temples were built. The oldest temple was the one to Hercules and the best preserved is that to Concordia. The temple to Juno/Hera stands on the highest terrace, while at the far end the temple to Zeus was the biggest temple of its time; huge Telemon figures were stone men in place of columns. Not much remains of this huge temple, but the other temples on the site include one of the best preserved Greek temple (along with the Parthenon and Paestum).

It’s a glorious site.

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