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A Sense of Place: A Virtual Walk through Troy

While the world sits in Corvid-19 isolation, our wanderlust is curtailed.

It need not be this way.  Let’s join in a virtual journey.

Today, we are travelling back 3,200 years to the great Trojan War, the source of the stories of Homer’s famous epics The Iliad and Odyssey.   Here, we shall walk through legends, consider the adventure that is archaeology, and stroll through the ages.

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Ancient History & Archaeology Courses 2018 in North Yorkshire

Come and join our Winter warming ancient history and archaeology courses in January 2018 with ‘The Muddy Archaeologist’

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Radio 4 presented by Horace – ‘I SHALL NOT WHOLLY DIE’ Horace Lives On on the anniversary of his death in 8 BC

Monday November 27th 2017 will be a momentous date. 2,025 years ago on this date in 8 BC a great poet died. Horace – or Horatius Flaccus to his contemporaries … Continue reading

November 24, 2017 · 2 Comments

Oedipus the King. BBC Radio 3 9pm Sunday 27 Feb 2017

Catch this BBC Radio 3 drama this evening at 9pm if you can. Christopher Eccleston stars in Sophocles’ great ‘Oedipus the King’. It sounds like it might be quirky, but … Continue reading

February 26, 2017 · 3 Comments

Cicero, the Greatest Orator

Perhaps you’re reading Robert Harris’ marvellous trilogy on Cicero (Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator), after getting them for Christmas?  It’s a wonderful insight into an astonishing time in history, when the … Continue reading

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Seamus Heaney’s Book VI of the Aeneid BBC Radio 4’s Book of the Week

There’s a treat this week on Radio 4 for fans of Classical Literature. This week from 7th March 2016, Radio 4’s Book of the Week will be Seamus Healey’s translation of … Continue reading

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Ovid’s ‘Metamorphoses’ Book 11: Orpheus & Midas

Book 11 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses begins as a continuation of Orpheus’ story from the previous book/scroll/volumen.  This book carries the narrative through the contrast/parallels for the cult of Orpheus (Orphism) … Continue reading

February 1, 2016 · 1 Comment

Cicero and Oratory

Public speaking is a challenging skill requiring multi-tasking and it has always been this way.  During a course on Cicero that I’m leading, we explored what this greatest of orators … Continue reading

January 30, 2016 · 4 Comments

Classical Mythology: A Taste of Ovid’s Metamorphoses

I’m teaching a course on Classical Mythology and thought you might like a sample of one of the books of  Ovid’s great epic poem, the ‘Metamorphoses’.  Ovid claimed to have … Continue reading

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Cicero, the Greatest Orator: Meet the Man

I’m leading a course about Cicero, the great Roman orator and statesman,  in Ripon this term.  If you’re near Ripon, it’s not too late to book a place and join us (we’ve only … Continue reading

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