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Cicero, the Greatest Orator

Perhaps you’re reading Robert Harris’ marvellous trilogy on Cicero (Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator), after getting them for Christmas?  It’s a wonderful insight into an astonishing time in history, when the … Continue reading

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Travel to the Past this Spring!

Go on, treat yourself!  Come and experience a vibrant dose of the ancient world this Spring! Escape all the modern news and instead explore what really makes us tick; read … Continue reading

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Living by Design in Ancient Rome – New Course

NEW COURSE FOR THE NEW YEAR! Join us this coming term as we explore the ancient world in a fresh engaging course, Roman Living by Design: Vitruvian Man in Ancient Rome. … Continue reading

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Christmas Offer from the Muddy Archaeologist: Free Talks!

Free Talk from the Muddy Archaeologist – a reward simply for treating yourself and your friends in 2017!

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Roman Ruins – study day

Delighted to be leading the study day at the WI’s marvellous Denman College in Oxford today. It’s a crisp, blue sky day here. Just glorious, in a beautiful setting with … Continue reading

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Diocletian’s Palace, Split

I am delighted to be here, in Split in Croatia, visiting Diocletian’s retirement palace as part of our Voyages to Antiquity ‘Muddy Archaeologist’ cruise. The Emperor Diocletian retired (a rare … Continue reading

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Virgil’s Aeneid and Drama on Radio 4 Extra

Radio 4 Extra special: The aeneid If you missed this you can still catch it on BBC radio iplayer. To even consider what we would have lost if Virgil’s wishes had … Continue reading

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Be inspired! Classical Ways to add fresh dimensions to your work!

Whatever you do for a living, your productivity and your well-being are boosted by motivation, good working relations and conditions; but inspiration adds fire and energy that makes work so … Continue reading

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Autumn Treats from The Muddy Archaeologist

 The Muddy Archaeologist  –   Gillian Hovell BA (Hons) Newsflash with all the latest events, news and offers  Digging Deep into History to bring colour, depth and meaning to life today … Continue reading

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CATTERICK OPEN DAY today has been fascinating.  If you’ve missed today’s, keep a look out for their next (and final?) one in October. Because what they’ve found along the A1 … Continue reading

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