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Where in the Ancient World advent calendar with the Muddy Archaeologist.

Monday 17th December: Today’s challenge – where is this ancient site? Lots of photos today – just so much to see here!

If you know the date, all the better!


Yesterday’s destination was the island of Anglesey. What a great island. The sites in the photographs are only a tiny sample of the historic and archaeological sites that abound here.

We have the Neolithic tomb of Din Lligwy, with its huge capping stone (25 tonnes) balanced on smaller stones. It once contained at least 30 individuals, buried
Barclodiad Neolithic tomb, dating back 5,000 years, contains excellent zigzag Neolithic art on the stones inside.

Bryn Celli Ddu is a chambered burial mound with a standing stone within the chamber and a decorated standing stone (replica on site) just outside it. Dating back to the late Neolithic, it was built in the centre of a more ancient Henge monument created c.3,000 BC

There’s the Iron Age settlement of roundhouses too at Holyhead Mountain hut circles: 2500 years old, they once spread over 20 acres.

And there’s the wonderful site of Din Lligwy; surrounded by a defensive wall, it contains rectangular Romano-British buildings and a stone-built roundhouse, the traditional home style for the Iron Age. This is a wonderful cross-cultural site of the first century AD.

So much evidence for life (and death) over the millennia …

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